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Discover the secretes of the unspolied islands of the Derawan archipelago. Unlike anywhere else on Earth, this is a one stop diving destination for divers who seek a unque experience. Few places offer more than one major attraction- why not consider a destination that has it all! You won't believe it until you experience it for yourself. Pristine aqua-blue waters caressing the unspoiled sand of the clearest shores, these islands are an underwater nirvana for divers, no matter what your interests. Make sure to read what you can encounter in our descriptions below and check out our Derawan photo gallery on Facebook for even more photos.



There are several underwater terrains ranging from caverns, fringing reefs and walls. The island is also very popular amongst Green Turtles, that use it as a breeding ground during the night. The diversity of life ranges from Leopard, White Tip & Nurse Sharks, to Spanish Mackerel, Jacks, Batfish, to Nudi Branchs, Cuttle Fish, and Ribbon Eels. A highlight is the 656 foot jetty, a haven for critters such as Seahorses, Striped Pyjama & Dumpling Squid, Crocodile fish, Harlequin Crab- the list goes on. 



This unique island offers 2 very different diving experiences. On the outer skirts of the island, be on the look out for some superlative macro life such as Orang-utan crabs, Pygmy Seahorse, & Longnose Hawkfish, to be found on amazing wall dives. However, what has made Kakaban famous world-wide, is the freshwater lake to be found in the centre of the island. Thousands of years ago, the island was naturally uplifted and isolated the marine ecosystem from the surrounding marine area, thus making all biota in the lake evolve and, in turn, become endemic to the lake. The endemic star of this natural wonder? The species of stingless jellyfish, only found here and at Palau, though most tend to agree Kakaban's lake is richer in life, and can of course be enjoyed by snorkelling.



Sangalaki is known all over the world as the capital of Manta Rays. Some of them are Giant and have a wing span up to 3 meters wide. To the east of the island are Manta Avenue, Manta Parade and Manta Run - where the rays can be found feeding, gills wide open, on a rich supply of plankton minutes from the beach. The mantas can sometimes be seen cruising down these manta highways, whilst other rays forage around for food under the sand together with numerous goatfish. Their wing tips break the surface at regular intervals as they circle around you. They prefer to swim close to the surface, so snorkeling or free diving is also a good way to interact with them. The best time to see them seems to be full moon when there might be more than 20 mantas hovering over the cleaning stations. There are places all over Asia that claim to have resident Mantas, but nothing can prepare you for the Manta Scrambles of Sangalaki, trullyone of a kind.



There are several impressive drop offs and a great drift dive can be done through the channel into the lagoon. The channel entrance is at 27 meters and strong currents sweep by attracting large pelagics such as eagle rays, mantas, barracuda, tuna, mackerel, mantas, hammerheads, and variety of sharks. It is the home of the barracudas. Best time to dive the channel is on an incoming or slack tide where marine life reaches a crescendo of activity. Coral growth is not as spectacular here due to the strong currents, diving should also be carefully planned.


Derawan - Sangalaki - Kakaban - Maratua

17 Aug 13 23 Aug 13 5 | 6 4 19
24 Aug 13 30 Aug 13 5 | 6 6 19
31 Aug 13 06 Sep 13 5 | 6 Full 19
07 Sep 13 13 Sep 13 5 | 6 10 19
21 Sep 13 27 Sep 13 5 | 6 contact for info 19
28 Sep 13 05 Oct 13 5 | 6 Full 19
05 Oct 13 11 Oct 13 5 | 6 7 19
12 Oct 13 18 Oct 13 5 | 6 Full 19

PRICES (per person): 

    SUITE CABIN:     66.200 BHT   STUDIO CABIN: 60.900 BHT


  1. Entry fee for diving in Berau area
  2. Land Transfer and Porter Service
  3. Fuel Surcharge (if any)
  4. Port and Habour Fee
  5. Nitrox Fill
  6. Rental diving equipment: 750 THB/day for the whole kit (BCD: 350 THB, regulator: 350 THB, wetsuit: 200 THB, mask: 100 THB, fins: 100 THB)




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